A poetry and art collection about the seasons of life

from Her 

There are many ways to live a life, and we only have one life to live. How would you live yours today?

Letters from Her is a poetry and art collection that poignantly captures the powerful emotions of loss, light, lust, and love.

As you journey through life’s seasons, it invites you to embrace what is raw, open, and honest, and to seek those that make you truly come alive. 

The Author

Stella Margarita is a pursuer of dreams and lifelong learning.

She strives for a world where every woman and child are given the equal opportunity to write their own life story. She hopes to create beautiful books that inspire and energize her readers to live by their personal definition of possibilities, triumphs, and meaning.

Born in the Philippines, she now calls Denmark home, and the world her playground.

The Artist

TJ is a proud Filipino artist. He has always been fascinated with all that is beautiful and finds happiness in being able to express his creativity and love for design. Through his art, he hopes to add more beauty to the world and bring joy to people’s hearts.

TJ is currently based in Manila, Philippines and serves as the General Manager for Jardin de Miramar Events Venue.

The Editor

Twenty is a professional interior designer with extensive experience in editorial work having been a writer and editor for various publications since 2002.

As a designer, she earned her undergraduate degree from the University of the Philippines, and her Master’s degree from the University of Hertfordshire. She is the Principal of Bespoke Design Studio, a Manila-based interior design studio, and currently holds an academic post at the De Lasalle- College of Saint Benilde.

Michael is a visionary and consummate creator of beautiful concepts and products. 

He has a natural gift for bringing ideas to life. Through his eye for details and artistry, Michael elevates consumers’ experience regardless of their platform choice. Today he serves as Chief Technology Officer designing and delivering digital solutions/applications for various partners and clients.

Michael has both Filipino and Danish roots, and currently lives in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The Layout Designer

The Printer

Jelling Bogtrykkeri is a modern printing company. For the last 80 years, they have been delivering high quality printed matter in both digital and offset. Their clients range from advertising agencies, graphic designers, companies, marketing departments, publishers, organisations, and governments. They are well known for their professionalism and friendly attentiveness to their customers.

Jelling Bogtrykkeri is based in Essen, Kolding and is part of the Scandinavian Print Group.


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